The use of porcupine quill dates far as back to 6th century AD and is found in many parts of the world. In South America, Kichwa peoples call the porcupine “punzuyani” and have used the quill in jewellery making using alpaca wire. In Turtle Island (North America) porcupine has been traditionally used for basket weaving and other kinds of accessories. Currently Marcos Arcentales, through Bone & Quill, uses them to make unique silver wire jewellery challenging new forms of quill techniques.

Gold + Quill Earrings

  • Materials.

    Porcupine Quill

    16mm Beads

    Howlite Beads

    Silver Plaited Wire

    Surgical Steel Hooks



    Length: 3.5 cm

    Width: 2 cm at it's widest

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